Zevia Natural Diet Cola

s a cola Zevia Natural cola ain’t nothing that special, as a diet cola it completely rocks. Incredibly carbonated, it’s best when it’s very very cold, otherwise the burn of the carbonation has no soothing balm of chill to help smooth over the wincing. I’ll confess that I opened the can last night at room temperature, it was undrinkable because of the carbonation and a nasty middle taste of cantaloupe rinds. Cold, though, and slightly less carbonatey due to being left open in the fridge, it’s good.

The ingredients are what makes this stuff special:

TRIPLE filtered carbonated water
natural erythritol
natural caramel color
natural tartar acid
natural fumaric acid
45 mg of natural caffein from coffee
natural flavors (citrus oils, cola nut extract)
citric acid
and in big caps after the ingredients: ZEVIA DOES NOT CONTAIN ASPARTAME OR SUCRALOSE

I’m going to cheat on my blog vow of ignorance, and look up “erythitol”… Hmph. According to these folks http://www.stonyfield.com/OurProducts/erythritol.cfm erythitol is a sweetener derived from sugar through some yeasty process, and is described as “sugar alcohol.” Hmm. Don’t know what I think about the principal sweetener in a drink named after stevia to not be stevia.

Of course, the principal sweetener in Coca Cola isn’t corn syrup but is actually the blood of the oppressed. Stevia seems to have taken a much more reasonable route.

And for those of you who don’t know what stevia is, it’s an herb/plant/thing that has remarkably sweet tasting leaves. I used to grow it in my studio and use it as a tea sweetener. If I remember rightly, the leaves sort of look like mint leaves but I might be wrong.

Anyways, Zevia Natural Cola isn’t bad at all. It’s certainly better than most off-brand colas, and it lacks the burned corn taste which plagues Coke. It’s sort of like a lighter Pepsi, without any of that sweet slime left on your teeth. The more I drink it, the more it grows on me, and the more assurance I have when I say that this is the best “diet” drink I’ve ever had that didn’t involve dark cherry flavoring.